Video: Crocworld Conservation Centre’s successful release of juvenile Spotted Eagle Owl

6 October 2020

Crocworld Conservation Centre was contacted for assistance by a concerned staff member at Sezela Sugar Mill who found a juvenile Spotted Eagle Owl on the floor of the building. Ryne Ferguson, the team’s Bird Curator, headed to the location to assess the situation and decided it was best to house the juvenile owl at Crocworld Conservation Centre at Scottburgh for a week to monitor it, ensuring it was eating properly and able to fly before being taken back for a successful release.


“The parents of this bird hold a territory and will find the young owl and continue with the feeding and will teach the owl how to hunt and survive in the wild,” said Ryne Ferguson, Bird Curator of Crocworld Conservation Centre. “We would like to thank the staff at Sezela Sugar Mill, FreeMe Wildlife and Owl Box Project for all of their assistance.”


To view the video of the successful release of the juvenile Spotted Eagle Owl please visit:


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