About Crocworld

Crocworld Conservation Centre was opened on the 27th of March 1985, by Crookes Brothers Limited a JSE listed Agricultural Company.

The main focus of the centre was to farm with the Nile Crocodile for the meat and skin trade, subsequently the tourism aspect of the business grew. In 2009 the company stopped farming with the Nile Crocodile and has become solely focused on Tourism, Education and most recently on Conservation. Crocworld Conservation Centre has welcomed more than 1.5 million visitors through our facility over the years and is a well-known tourism destination on the Mid South Coast of KZN.

The centre is now best described as a reptile and bird park with a botanical feel and a strong focus on adding value to our customers experiences through interaction with the natural surroundings and rare animal interaction opportunities.

We are home to a wide variety of reptile species which includes snakes, lizards tortoises and most famously crocodiles after which our centre is aptly named.

Our Bird Collection consists of a wide variety of species some of which are of conservation importance others have been homed at our centre due to serious injuries suffered in the wild and would not otherwise survive now call our centre their loving forever homes.

We are open 364 days of the year to the public with the exception of Christmas Day. Our Centre caters for daily visitors both local and international, school groups, tour groups, monthly conservation talks and several events which are carried out at our centre throughout the year.

We look forward to welcoming you on your next visit to our facility and our aim is to connect you to nature.