As our name suggests, we are the go-to conservation centre to learn everything there is to know about crocodiles.

Did you know: Henry, our oldest resident crocodile, celebrated his 117th birthday in December 2018. Visitors love to observe this 500kg, 5-metre long, majestic creature. Henry is the oldest known Nile Crocodile in captivity and arrived at Crocworld in 1985 as an adult, with records that stated he was 85-years old. He lives in his enclosure with six females, and has fathered over 10 000 offspring in the last 32 years

Hungry for a bit of action? Choose one of two timeslots and watch as our powerful crocs feast at our Crocodile Feeding Demo!

Crocodile Feeding and Talk

Crocodile feeds are from Tuesdays to Sundays, 11am and 3pm