Happy hatchling for Crocworld storks

5 June 2023

On Sunday, Crocworld Conservation Centre welcomed a new addition to the feathered family when the Marabou Stork chick hatched. The Scottburgh-based centre is home to the breeding pair of storks, Samara and Norris, with Samara laying some eggs at the beginning of May. Ryne Ferguson, Crocworld Conservation Centre’s Bird Curator, said: “We are very excited that our Marabou Stork pair has again successfully hatched a chick on the nest for the fourth year in a row. Norris arrived in July 2015 and, almost a year later, was joined by Samara in June 2016. The pair bred successfully in 2020 during hard lockdown and have now bred every year since. Marabou Storks are the largest flighted birds in Africa and it’s always impressive to watch how fast the chicks grow!” Ferguson has been closely monitoring the chick since it hatched and is happy to report it is strong and healthy. While a few eggs were laid, not all eggs are fertile. With only one egg left, Ferguson said it’s likely there will only be one chick. The remaining egg will stay in the nest until the pair feels it’s been long enough, before they kick the egg out of the nest.