Get to Crocworld to spot its newest feathered resident

13 September 2021

The arrival of spring at Crocworld Conservation Centre was celebrated with a new addition to the bird community, little Mojo the spotted eagle owlet. Having been abandoned while in the process of hatching, Mojo was quickly rescued by Crocworld Conservation Centre Bird Curator, Ryne Ferguson, who kept the owlet warm in an incubator while being hand-reared. At 17 days old, Ferguson said they’re pleased with the healthy chick’s progress: “Initially we had to feed every two to three hours from early morning until around 11pm, but now it’s a feed at 7am and then the last feed is at 4.30pm with food left overnight. We’ll have to do DNA testing at a later stage to determine whether Mojo is a boy or girl, but we’re really happy with how well she – or he - is doing!” The spotted eagle owl species is common in residential areas in South Africa, and a very welcome addition as they’re effective at keeping rodent and insect populations under control. One pair of spotted eagle owls can hunt and kill around 3000 rodents a year. Little Mojo will be joining a number of interesting bird species cared for at Crocworld including Eurasian eagle owls, Harris hawk and jackal buzzards. Visitors are welcome to view the new residents at Crocworld, where all relevant Covid-19 protocols are followed. Mask wearing, sanitising and family group social distancing regulations are in place, with the centre and on-site Fish Eagle Café open from 9am to 4.30pm. To find out more, visit or contact Crocworld Conservation Centre on 039 976 1103.