Crocworld Team’s Latest ‘Mamba’ Rescue Surprise

30 November 2020

Crocworld Conservation Centre team, Martin Rodrigues (Manager), James Wittstock (Reptile Curator) and Grant Webster, responded to a call-out after a black mamba had allegedly been spotted on the solar panel of a second-storey house on the KZN South Coast near Scottburgh.

“From time to time, we get called out for reports of snakes which, surprisingly, turn out to be anything but a snake,” said Wittstock. “This was one of those times! It turned out that the ‘mamba’ was, in fact, just the cable insulation. We couldn’t resist the opportunity to snap a quick picture after I safely ‘captured’ the insulation!”

Despite the mistaken identity, Wittstock cautioned residents that the weather is warming up which means snake season has arrived: “We are being called out regularly to assist with the safe removal of venomous snakes, including green mambas, black mambas, vine snakes, night adders and boomslangs, among others.”

Scottburgh’s Crocworld Conservation Centre offers a free service of identifying and removing snakes for the communities of Scottburgh, Umkomaas, Pennington and Park Rynie.

For more information or assistance, contact Crocworld Conservation Centre on 039 976 1103. Alternatively contact James Wittstock on 066 292 0880.