Crocworld shares snake expertise

30 August 2022

The South Coast is home to a variety of unique and interesting snake species, and every so often, they come into contact with humans. This can be a potentially dangerous situation – for both the snake and the individual – when there’s a lack of knowledge and understanding. Scottburgh-based Crocworld Conservation Centre is dedicated to educating communities about these vastly misunderstood creatures in an effort to better protect humans and the area’s beloved reptiles. The team recently hosted Sapphire Coast Tourism, the mid-South Coast’s leading tourism agency, for a fun and informative snake awareness training programme. “Education is one of the most important aspects of conservation, so we consider ourselves privileged to be able to contribute in this way. We applaud Sapphire Coast Tourism and their commitment to protecting our important wildlife,” said Wade Kilian, Reptile Curator at Crocworld. He explained that attendees were taught about snake identification, how to deal with snakes they encounter, as well as the effects of the various types of venom and basic snakebite treatment. The centre also hosts monthly talks and has a number of interesting wildlife to view, including daily animal feeds and talks. For more on Crocworld and its events, visit, ‘Crocworld Conservation Centre’ on Facebook or call 039 976 1103. Contact Fish Eagle Café, call 083 658 7073 or email