Crocworld crocs on a healthy new diet

18 March 2024

Regular visitors to Crocworld Conservation Centre in Scottburgh need not be alarmed to note that the daily croc feedings have halted from 12 to 20 March. The crocodiles are on a short diet that will stimulate their appetites ahead of the cooler winter months.


“Naturally in the wild, crocodiles don’t get fed every day or week, so this short break is an important way to build up their appetites again and stimulate them to have a better feeding response,” explained Crocworld Conservation Centre Manager, James Wittstock. “We will still have lots of daily activities for visitors to enjoy at Crocworld, and the daily feeding demonstrations will resume on 21 March ahead of the Easter holidays.”


Nile Crocodile Fast Facts


1.   A crocodile’s metabolism is so evolved that its body uses and stores nearly all the food it consumes, which means, in extreme situations, larger crocodiles can go for over a year without eating a meal.


2.   Crocodiles have very adaptable diets, ranging from birds and fish to larger mammals. During difficult times, they will even scavenge for carrion or consume almost anything they encounter to survive.


3.   There are many differences between alligators and crocodiles but one is their smile. When a crocodile closes its mouth, two mandibular teeth are visible but alligators have no teeth visible.


4.   Crocodiles have clawed feet and webbed hind feet which make them fast in water and on land. They can reach speeds of 17kh/h in water using their feet and powerful tail.


5.   In addition to being a powerful rudder in the water, the crocodile’s tail will also store fat during droughts.


Crocworld Conservation Centre’s Daily Demonstrations (12 to 20 March)

  • 10am: Guided tour of the centre
  • 11am: Juvenile croc handling
  • 12pm: Snake interaction
  • 2pm: Snake interaction
  • 3pm: Juvenile croc handling

WILD Park After Dark Easter Scavenger Hunt


Another egg-citing event taking place at Crocworld Conservation Centre on Friday, 29 March from 5pm is the first every WILD Park After Dark Easter Scavenger Hunt run by outdoor education group WILDED.

  • 5.30pm to 6pm: Start with a nighttime crocodile feeding of Henry the Nile crocodile – the oldest Nile croc in captivity worldwide – and his many wives.
  • 6pm to 7pm: Join in the scavenger hunt around Crocworld Conservation Centre to find Easter Eggs.
  • 7pm to 7.30pm: A guided tour and hunt for scorpions around Crocworld Conservation Centre using UV lights.


There will be face painting and fun activities in between! There will also be glow-in-the-dark items for sale, as well as boerewors rolls, snacks, and beverages for the whole family. Participants are encouraged to bring a basket to collect Easter eggs and get to Crocworld Conservation Centre at 5pm to register. Tickets are available at the door for R100 per person, or R80 per person for families of four or more.


Grab a bite!


Visitors can also head to Fish Eagle Café, within Crocworld, which boasts great food and drinks in one of the most scenic settings. The exquisite sea view from the café’s wraparound deck gives visitors the chance to watch playful dolphins as well as migrating whales while enjoying a great meal.


For more information, visit the Park After Dark Easter Scavenger Hunt page on Facebook.

To book at Fish Eagle Café contact on 083 658 7073 or email

For more on Crocworld, visit, ‘Crocworld Conservation Centre’ on Facebook or call 039 976 1103.