Crocworld Conservation Centre and Bushbabies introduces monthly conservation talks for kids

29 June 2021

22 April 2021

Scottburgh-based Crocworld Conservation Centre is partnering with local nature and wildlife-education group, Bushbabies, to provide monthly conservation talks for children aged four to 16 years. The talks, which will cover a range of engaging and relevant topics, will take place at the centre on the last Saturday of every month, running from 8.45am to 10am.


Bushbabies was established by Natalie Crowley in 2017 as a way to connect children with nature. This is an informal organisation which hosts ongoing talks, with regular attendees wearing uniforms and gaining badges. However, no membership is required.


 “I saw a need for children to learn more about nature and wildlife, so I decided to embark on this adventure with other like-minded people,” said Crowley. “I have hosted and invited various guest speakers on a variety of topics, everything from recycling to bats! The partnership with Crocworld Conservation Centre is ideal, as the Bushbabies group has grown to such an extent. We really value the work being done by the centre and look forward to drawing on the expertise and resources found here.”


The monthly talks will cover many different topics run by guest speakers, as well as Natalie Crowley of Bushbabies; and Crocworld Conservation Centre’s James Wittstock (acting Centre Manager), Ryne Ferguson (Bird Curator), and Wade Kilian (Reptile Curator). All talks will be tailored to different age groups, and advertised as such ahead of time. The first talk will be hosted by Crowley who’s introducing this new initiative to parents, followed by a snake talk by the Reptile Curator. Some of the other upcoming themes will include:


·        Butterflies

·        Birds

·        Whales

·        Crocodiles

·        Water conservation

·        Importance of trees to the environment

·        How and why to recycle

·        Survival in nature

·        First aid


“This course forms part of Crocworld’s ongoing commitment to educating and empowering the youth to become future conservation warriors and animal welfare heroes,” explained Crocworld Conservation Centre’s acting Centre Manager, James Wittstock. “This is a really ideal partnership and we look forward to inspiring many future conservationists.”


All Covid-19 protocols are in place at Crocworld and visitors are urged to wear masks, sanitise and follow family group social distancing regulations. To book a spot or find out more about the Crocworld / Bushbabies talk, contact Crocworld on 039 976 1103 or Bushbabies on 039 976 0610.


In line with regulations, the centre and café are open from 9am to 4.30pm. For more event happenings at Crocworld Conservation Centre, visit or ‘Crocworld Conservation Centre’ on Facebook, or contact Crocworld Conservation Centre on 039 976 1103. To find out more about Fish Eagle Café, call 083 658 7073 or email For more about Bushbabies, visit the ‘Bushbabies’ Facebook page.