Crocworld celebrates 10 years of frog conservation with September talk

30 September 2022

The value of amphibians to the ecosystem is massive, playing a vital role as both predators and prey in the food chain. Despite this, many South African frog species are being threatened or have become extinct. On Saturday, 24 September, Crocworld Conservation Centre welcomed a specialist on amphibians from the Endangered Wildlife Trust to discuss 10 years of frog conservation.


“Our second instalment of monthly conservation talks was an impactful one as we welcomed Dr Jeanne Tarrant, manager of the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s (EWT) Threatened Amphibian Programme,” said Crocworld’s Reptile Curator, Wade Kilian. “Dr Jeanne Tarrant gave us invaluable insight into the plight of our country’s amphibian residents and their conservation over the past decade.”


Founded in 1973, the EWT is one of South Africa’s most reputable conservation non-profit organisations. The EWT is dedicated to conserving threatened species and ecosystems in southern and East Africa for the benefit of all people. This is achieved by implementing target-driven research and conservation action programmes, implementing projects that address threats facing species, and supporting sustainable natural resource management.


The talk was also accompanied by a delicious breakfast served by the team at The Fish Eagle Café based within Crocworld Conservation Centre. 


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