Crocworld birds enjoy new top-notch facilities

3 March 2021

Crocworld Conservation Centre’s resident birds have taken to their stylish new bird enclosure – The Raptor Wing - which comes with great new ‘furniture’ and even a sea view! The Scottburgh-based centre recently completed construction of its state-of-the-art aviary which houses the resident birds of prey including the booted eagles, Eurasian eagle owls, Harris hawk and jackal buzzards. “We wanted to make the enclosure much more spacious while still in keeping with our new-design bird enclosures,” explained Ryne Ferguson, Crocworld’s Bird Curator. “Netting was added to the roof and sides to prevent any possible injuries if birds get spooked. We’ve also included fitting ‘furniture’ such as ponds, plants and logs, making this an enriching natural environment. Most of our birds are rescues or born in captivity so they require special structures to allow them to get to elevated locations around the enclosure – the booted eagle female, for example, has a fused wing so we’ve built her a branch jungle gym to allow her easy access to the nesting platform. Birds of prey enjoy a ‘room with a view’ so the enclosure also overlooks parts the centre and has a sea view.” Crocworld is open to visitors and follows all Covid-19 protocols. Visitors must wear masks, sanitise and follow family group social distancing regulations. In line with regulations, the centre and café are open from 9am to 4.30pm. To find out more, visit or contact Crocworld Conservation Centre on 039 976 1103.