10 reasons you should visit Crocworld Conservation Centre on the KZN South Coast

29 June 2021

21 April 2021

10 reasons you should visit Crocworld Conservation Centre on the KZN South Coast

When it comes to great family outings in the beautiful KZN outdoors, Crocworld Conservation Centre in Scottburgh is a number one destination! With more than 400 animals on site and so many adventures to be had, there truly is something for everyone at the centre. Here’s a look at the top 10 reasons to visit.

1. Enjoy a unique welcome

Visitors to the centre are welcomed by the immediately identifiable call of the African Fish Eagle, Isis. This beautiful creature been welcoming visitors to the centre since 1987!

2. Meet the world’s oldest Nile crocodile in captivity

In 1985, Henry the Nile crocodile arrived at Crocworld Conservation Centre, where he’s happily resided to this day. At the ripe old age of 120 – and weighing in at more than 500 kilogrammes - Henry is the oldest known Nile croc in captivity.

3. Watch the crocodile feedings

At 11am or 3pm, Tuesdays to Sundays, visitors can catch the exciting crocodile feeding and informative talk on these ancient reptiles. There are also young crocodile handlings done afterwards, with strict hygiene and safety protocols followed.

4. Visit the new Raptor Wing

Check out the incredible winged inhabitants at the new enclosures, among them the Booted Eagles, Eurasian Eagle Owls, Harris Hawk and Jackal Buzzards. The Raptor Wing extends the existing aviary which is home to a number of interesting birdlife. There are also more than 200 local bird species that can be identified flying around the centre.

5. Feed the farm animals

Visitors can buy some animal feed from the curio shop and take the little ones to the animal farm which houses a range of furry farmyard critters, including bunnies, goats, guinea pigs, pigs and tortoises. There’s also a nearby playground with swings, slides and see-saws to keep the young ones entertained.

6. View some local and exotic snakes

From the venomous black and green mambas found in and around KwaZulu-Natal, through to the more exotic pythons, visitors can get a close-up (but safe!) view of these reptiles in the snake enclosure.

7. Meet the newest residents

The centre is constantly welcoming new residents to the fold, with the latest additions including two baby storks who were born at the centre, as well as Laggie, a female, white-throated monitor lizard whose made herself at home.

8. Do some whale watching

The popular Whale Watching Walkway has been revamped, giving visitors the chance to spot some of these migrating mammals in the winter months as well as the ever-playful dolphins.

9. Grab a bite

Enjoy a great meal and refreshment at the on-site Fish Eagle Café which has seating on its newly-built wraparound deck with gorgeous sea views. There are always fantastic specials available, and visitors won’t be disappointed with a meal from the newly-introduced Gourmet Burger Menu!

10. Get indigenous

Nature lovers and botany enthusiasts will simply enjoy walking around the beautifully-landscaped indigenous gardens that make up Crocworld, all of which is set within a lush, coastal dune forest.

“During the extended break last year, the team at Crocworld used the time to revamp our facilities and prepare for the arrival of visitors,” explained Crocworld Conservation Centre’s acting Centre Manager, James Wittstock. “It’s been great welcoming guests – new and returning – with all the required Covid-19 safety procedures in place. Because we’re a nature-based, open-air facility, there is necessary ventilation and space for social distancing as well. There’s always something happening at Crocworld Conservation Centre so we urge visitors to get in touch!”

All Covid-19 protocols are in place at Crocworld and visitors are urged to wear masks, sanitise and follow family group social distancing regulations. In line with regulations, the centre and café are open from 9am to 4.30pm.

To find out more about the new happenings at Crocworld Conservation Centre, visit www.crocworld.co.za or ‘Crocworld Conservation Centre’ on Facebook. Alternatively, contact Crocworld Conservation Centre on 039 976 1103. To find out more about Fish Eagle Café, call 083 658 7073 or email mvanzyl@cbl.co.za.