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Silver (Limited) Ticket
This ticket is FREE and gives you access to only a limited area of the park including: the Animal Farm, Playground, Shade Garden, Fountain and the View Point.

Gold (Everything) Ticket
This ticket includes everything but compared to the next ticket excludes the feeding items. It includes the areas from the FREE ticket and adds: the brids, Snake Tunnel, tortoises, lizards, Restuarant, Day In The Life Of A Curator and Releases.

Platinum (Feeding) Ticket
This ticket includes everything but compared to the previous ticket adds the feeding items, which may not be suitable for younger or sensitive viewers.

How To Use The Map

You will receive an email from the Crocworld Digital Coordinator with a link, click the link and it will take you to a map of the park. Depending on which ticket you purchased you will see a number of blue and transparent markers, with a dotted outline that look like people on the map. The blue ones are those you have access to for the ticket you have purchased and the transparent ones are those you do not have access to. When you click a blue marker it will either take you to a menu page to select more animals or directly to a page with video, photos, sounds or info about that specific animal. The menu icons will usually have a black border and black writing, but if they have a red border and red writing this means it is a feeding item. In the top left corner of the map there is a blue button with 'Return to Tickets' on it and that will take you back to the ticket sales page. Your ticket is valid for 24 hours but you will need to use your email link to return to the map page.

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