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South Coast herpetologist gives lifesaving insights into the Black Mamba

1The onset of winter is typically the start of mating season for Africa’s most feared snake, the Black Mamba, and residents are warned to contact a snake removal expert if they have any encounters.

The species can lay anything from six to 17 eggs during summer and, upon hatching, the juveniles measure roughly 45cm in length and may grow incredibly fast, with some reaching 2m in length within their first year of life.

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Johan Marais Snake Talk at Crocworld Conservation Centre

johanThose with an interest in snakes should make sure to schedule Crocworld Conservation Centre’s latest environmental talk in their diaries. On June 11th renowned herpetologist Johan Marais will become the most recent speaker in the Centre’s monthly lecture series, the purpose of which is to celebrate South Africa’s incredible biodiversity.

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David Allan Raptors Talk at Crocworld Conservation Centre

Fans of Crocworld Conservation Centre’s monthly environmental talks are in for a treat on May 14th, when renowned ornithologist David Allan will become the latest in the park’s long line of influential speakers. Entitled ‘Birds of Prey – New Frontiers in our Knowledge and Identification’, Allan’s talk promises to carry on the series’ tradition of celebrating the fascinating flora and fauna of Southern Africa.

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Henry turns 113!

Henry_the_crocHenry is our oldest & most famous Croc here at Crocworld Conservation Centre – he even has his own Twitter account! In his life he’s been through it all – scandal, divorce, capture and more babies than anyone can count.

Since making CCC his home he’s left his man-eating wild ways behind and is living his life in luxury in his own pond, sun tanning and chilling with his 8 wives. December 16 is his 113th birthday and he would love for you to join us for his birthday party – there will cake & a full day of activities in celebration of all things Henry.

Doors open 8 am. To learn more about Henry watch his video here or follow him on twitter

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Stiletto Snake removed from a house in Park Rynie

Stiletto Snake image14A potentially dangerous Stiletto Snake (Actractaspis bibronii) was rescued from a house in Park Rynie recently by the Crocworld Conservation Centre snake expert Martin Rodrigues.

The snake had tried to make its way into the house through a very small gap between the bathroom wall and the main toilet pipe. Unfortunately the snake was stuck and it took took the team about 40 minutes to free it.

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Expert to give Snake Talk at Crocworld

snakesWe are extremely excited to announce the next talk in our series of educational workshops. Renowned snake expert, Johan Marais will be giving a talk at Crocworld on 15 June. Johan Marais is an entrepreneur and naturalist who has spent more than 35 years of his life studying reptiles and amphibians, mostly in Africa. John has worked with numerous snake and crocodile parks and is currently General Manager of the African Snakebite Institute as well as Reptile Ventures.

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