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Crocworld Conservation Centre nurtures the youth’s love of trees this Arbor Day

With the ever increasing effects of climate change becoming more evident daily, the need to educate the nation’s youth about the importance of the natural environment becomes more urgent. Crocworld Conservation Centre, based in Scottburgh, once again took up this noteworthy cause on Arbor Day, 1 September, when staff members visited the local Celekuhle Senior Primary School between 8am and 9am to donate trees and seed kits while teaching the children about nature.

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Plectranthus ecklonii (Large Spur-Flower Bush)

1979626_697909196917228_1193814003_nA glorious plant that is currently flowering and available at Izinyoni Indigenous Nursery is Plectranthus ecklonii (Large Spur-Flower Bush)

This is an erect soft shrub which grows to 2m on average. It is a wonderful plant for both shaded and sunny areas within your garden and there are pink, purple and white flower varieties available.

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Green Fingers Gardening Club’s 50th Anniversary

3The Green Fingers Gardening Club celebrated their 50th Anniversary on Thursday the 15th of August 2013 at Crocworld Conservation Centre.

Liz Thompson, the President of the club together with everyone else who attended was very impressed with the park.

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Indigenous Gardening Talk

elsaWe were honoured to have renowned botanist and author Elsa Pooley give a talk on Indigenous Gardening at the Coast at Crocworld over the weekend. The talk was interactive and included a tour of our centre’s best indigenous plants. The talk was fully booked, and an amazing turnout plus the excellent weather made for a truly excellent day.

To see the full schedule for the series of talks & workshops, or to book for the next one, click here


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Why are Invasive Plants so dangerous?

Here at Crocworld Conservation Centre we are waging war on invasive plant species and rooting out the Wild Canna that has invaded our area. Although pretty to look at, this South American species is harmful to the indigenous fauna and flora in the area.

So why are invasive plants so dangerous to the environment?

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4 Reasons to Plant Indigenous

hibiscusAt Crocworld Conservation Centre we are committed to educating and encouraging the public about conservation issues. One of the easiest things you can do to conserve the environment is root out invasive plants from your garden and only plant indigenous species native to your area.

So why is it so beneficial to plant indigenous?

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Elsa Pooley – Indigenous Gardening at the Coast


 Gardening at the coast has many challenges – salt-laden winds, too much sun and sandy soil to name but a few. It can also be extremely rewarding if you use indigenous plants that are suited to this environment and available in nurseries.  Our next talk by botanical artist and author, Elsa Pooley will cover all aspects of indigenous gardening at the coast and she will show examples of some of the beautiful indigenous garden plants which are suited to our coastal environment.


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Geoff Nichols Talk on Gardening for Wildlife

Geoff Nichols (image)Geoff Nichols worked in the Durban Parks Department for 21 years and has diplomas in agriculture, horticulture and parks and recreation administration. He pioneered the growing of indigenous medicinal plants at the Silverglen Medicinal Plant Nursery. His interest in indigenous gardening and reintroducing native plants to the urban environment resulted in the birth of his own horticultural consultancy in 1996 and the development of the habitat gardening concept.

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HOW TO IDENTIFY TREES and use the field guide

A short course by Richard Boon


11 May 2013 Crocworld Conservation Centre
8.30 for 9am to 1pm Resource Centre

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