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Winner of our Mom Blog competition

comp_winnerA huge congratulations to Mrs Rashida Mansoor who is the winner of our Mom’s Blog! She has won an annual family pass to Crocworld for herself, hubby and 8 year old daughter Hajra. You can read her blog here

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Paper..paper……..and litter bugs!

12I’m home schooling my son and I realised how much paper we use. And going through my daughter’s old school books taking the un-used paper out to use instead of just buying more. Got us thinking what can we do to save paper! The answer was right in front of us.

We soaked all my daughters old school books (paper only) added some colour and made our own paper!!! My son just loved helping me make the paper.

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Quality time with my little earth being


As a busy working mum to an 8yr old 2nd grader, I try my absolute best to encourage recycling, re-using…etc…trying to help do our bit for the conservation of our earth.

She is learning so much…school is a blessing… teaching kids about growing green stuff, making compost with all vegetable peelings etc…‎planting beans in cotton wool.

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Going greenish

1340740297427_828453I wish I were more active in conservation than I am. When I was younger (aka that other life I lived before I had kids) I was a prime candidate for Green Peace, such was my passion for the environment. Somewhere along the way, it may be have been between my 4th and 5th pregnancy, some of that commitment to the planet wore off.

Now; with my 5th babe approaching his 5th birthday and me precariously on the cliff face of 40; I have taken stock of the contributions I do make and those I intend to introduce.  This little space of the blogosphere can be a record of the milestones I make with my famous five; however humble they may be in the face of climate change and the unapologetic consumption of shark fin soup.

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I am sure all fellow Mom’s out there hate throwing away leftovers with the cost of food being what it is and the sheer waste of it.  The problem is though, in our family leftovers are never quite enough for another meal so often end up being chucked out anyway.  So how do we get these leftovers to be meaningful!?  We have found that to save leftovers for a few days and then combine together with a yummy rich gravy and make homemade pasties is a fab way to use up every scrap.  It is a delicious solution, gets you an extra dinner in the week for next to no cost, reduces your ‘throw away’ perishables and the kids LOVE joining in to make their own special pie (my husband has had some real beauties!:)

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