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“Evaluating Marine Protected Areas” talk at Crocworld Conservation Centre

“Evaluating the effectiveness of the Pondoland Marine Protected Area”, is the focus of the monthly lecture series at Crocworld Conservation Centre. The theme for the 2017 lecture series will focus on Species Conservation.

The March talk will be presented by Dr. Bruce Mann, a Senior Scientist in the Oceanographic Research Institute of the South African Association for Marine Biological Research (SAAMBR). Mann will speak on the Pondoland Marine Protected Area and he will also highlight the importance of Marine Protected Areas in general.

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Watch the Sardine Run at Crocworld!

IMG_1573It’s July, so close your eyes and use your nose! Think of waking up to a crisp morning and the damp dewy smell of earth, think of bundling the family into the car and making the pilgrimage to the ocean. Think of the smell of salt and sea and what do you get?! The SARDINE RUN – but any East Coaster would have got that of course!

We already know we live in one of the best places on earth, but here are a few other amazing things about the East Coast that you can add to the list. Not only do over 10 000 000 Sardines cruise up to the warmer waters of our coast, in their wake come whales, dolphins, sharks, numerous birds (that can include the occasional Orca and Albatross) and you can even spot a penguin or two if you are lucky! An absolutely amazing place to be able to view this spectacle is the Scottburgh area  – the deck at Crocworld being a canny choice as this way you avoid a chunk of the 100 000 visitors (not to mention locals) who will be throwing nets, buckets and even knotted stockings into the sea to get their share of the haul!

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