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Below is an example:

Under the Sea Preschool Design

Under the Sea Preschool Design

We are always looking for fun ways to entertain our kids at home. This is something you and your children can do together, all you need is a few simple supplies and you will be on your way. This can also be a fun tool to educate little ones about the sea and conservation, if you are really creative you could go as far as making your own little song about the sea. Let the fun begin

-one (or more) adorable toddler
-paint (I used two shades of blue and a splash of green for a little variation)
-paint brushes or sponge
-paper plate
-piece of white card stock
-green and yellow tissue paper
-great white northern beans (or whatever you have on hand)
-fish template (I used this one and printed it at 20%)
-school glue
-one googly eye

Before you begin: 
Before you sit down to start this activity, print out the fish from the site above and cut it out. Don’t worry that it’s black on one side. Your preschooler be working on the other side and won’t even notice when she’s done. If you have a young toddler, you’ll also want to cut the green tissue paper into strips and the yellow tissue paper into squares (about 7).


  1. Prepare the paint for your toddler and have her paint the paper plate. We used a paint brush, but I think a sponge would have created a really cool effect! I tried to get the same look by having Riley “stipple” rather than use long strokes. Allow the plate to completely dry.
  2. Cut your tissue paper into strips and twist them together at one end.  Glue the tissue paper bunch to the bottom of the plate. We just glued it at the bottom so it would be flow-y and look like a plant on the bottom of the fishbowl or sea floor.
  3. Spread glue little by little across the bottom of the plate and sprinkle the beans on top of the glue. Press down gently so they stick well. (This was Riley’s favorite part! Be prepared to sweet up lots of beans from the floor.).
  4. Coat the card stock fish with a thin layer of glue. Have your little one place the yellow tissue paper all over the fish. Don’t worry if it overlaps the fish. You can go back and trip it later. Once the glue dries, add the googly eye.
  5. Glue your fish onto the paper plate and let everything dry thoroughly.
  6. Have your child show off her work!

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