About Us

CrocworldCrocworld is part of the Mpambanyoni Conservation Development that seeks to establish sustainable and sensitive development of the greater Scottburgh area. This vision to preserve the natural identity of the upper South Coast stems from Crookes Brothers Limited, a JSE registered company with over 100 years of history in farming sugar cane on the South Coast; and who have owned and operated the park since 1985.

Crocworld Conservation Centre exists to connect people to nature and encourage people to embraceĀ  it as part of their lifestyle. Besides being able to offer a fun and exciting day out for the whole family we believe we also have a role in furthering knowledge of the environment. School tours are warmly welcomed to Crocworld with a full range of lesson plans, talks, and resources available for educators to use. Similarly our indigenous gardens are being developed to encourage people to introduce ecologically appropriate plants into their gardens at home.

Enjoy our park and please join us in our efforts to educate and encourage people to experience the best nature has to offer.

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